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Home QTH: Medway, MA U.S.A.  ●  Grid: FN42hg ●  CQ Zone: 5  ●  ITU Zone: 8

●  Coordinates: 42.287156     -71.352308



K1LZ Live Contest CAM
Use "anon" as the username, and "k1lz"  as the password - all lower case

K1LZ  will be in the STEW PERRY Contest 2010 from THE Medway Station in the Multi Category AS:


By: Krassy, K1LZ; Velimir, K3JO; Mladen, NU5Y

The call sign of Stew Perry, a pioneer in the development of DXing on 160 and the holder of the first 160 DXCC Award, lives on again through the Stew Perry Memorial Radio Club. Stew's call, W1BB, was issued to the club on May 9,1997. A copy of an original W1BB QSL card from the 1950's was reconstructed and modified by Hal, WA1J, for use by the club. The QSL is as the original, other than the the club name on the front of the card. The W1BB call has been returned to operation in contests and casual QSOs on 160 meters since being released. During some recent contests we received many "Hi Stew" comments, but also several stations questioned the validity of the call until they were told it was reissued to the Stew Perry Memorial Radio Club. The replies were " Glad to hear Stew's call again", to "Keep the memory alive". Which is what the club has intentions of doing. The club plans to use W1BB "ONLY" on 160 meters where Stew had made his presence known and heard for many years. It was appropriate that "W1BB" was issued to a club as the call was considered by many to be too BIG for one individual to hold. One can imagine the comment to an individual holder of the call. " I knew Stew Perry and you are no Stew Perry". The call is made available to all club members for casual operating or contesting on 160. Cu on 160 As of June 17, 1999, Jeff Briggs, K1ZM is the trustee for the club call W1BB. All future Correspondence and W1BB QSL requests shall be via K1ZM.

Station # 1:Icom 781 + Acom 2000A Amplifier as a Multiplier station.
Station # 2:Icom 781 interlocked with an Icom 7800 + Acom 2000A Amplifier 
Station # 3:Icom 7800 interlocked with an Yaesu FT1000D + Acom 2000A Amplifier
Station # 4:Yaesu 1000MP + Acom 2000A Amplifier as a Multiplier station

CQWW DX CW 2009 - K1LZ Multi-Multi Team - 17,359,685 Score,  4th Place US

Operators: K1LZ Krassy, K3LP David, YT1AD (N9YU) Hrane, YT6W (NU5Y) Mladen, RA9USU (N2OW) -Dmitri ,

CT1ILT Filipe, YU1AU (N8BO) Miki, K1VR Fred, W1UE Dennis,

YU1RL (KB1TKJ) Radivoje, YT3WW (K3JO) Velimir and KB1RDZ Aram

80 Meters - K1LZ - Krassy and YU1AU (N8BO) Miki

K1LZ Team - CQWW DX CW 2009 - Multi-Multi USA

40 Meters - K3LP - David and YT6W (NU5Y) Mladen with RU9USU (N2OW) - Dima in the Background


L to R: Hrane (YT1AD), David (K3LP) and Krassy (K1LZ) - "N8S" Swains Island DX-Pedition, April 2007

Krassy (K1LZ ) wins 1st Place CQWW DX CW 2008 - SO High Power North America

"VP5B" DX-Pedition - Bud (K4ISV), Gary (K4UU), Kirk (K4RO), Krassy (K1LZ), Dave (W5AO) and       Jim (WX3B)


This is Krassy's official website for Amateur Radio Station K1LZ


Skype: Krassy_Petkov


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Krassy (K1LZ) is Sliver Sponsor for the Millis Public Schools, Millis, MA in 2008 FIRST/ALARM Robotics Competition - Top 10 Finish


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