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Donations & Support

General Information

Amateur Radio has played a major role in my life since I was 12 years old. It has brought great pleasure and has afforded me many opportunities to learn and seek new challenges. In return, I try to contribute to the Amateur Radio hobby in ways that support positive growth and creative thinking. I support causes related to Ham Radio Organizations (i.e. ARRL, CQ Contest, etc.), rare DX-Peditions, Contesting and Youth Development. I love to see creative thinking with youth, the development of systems, software and hardware and political causes that further advance our hobby.

Major Contributions to Youth Development

a) Millis Public Schools, Millis, MA - FIRST/ALARM Competitions - Silver Level Sponsor 2008

Major Contributions to Ham Radio

a) WRTC 2006 Board of Directors & Sponsors/Fund Raising Committee K1LZ - Krassy Petkov

- Personally donated Qty 52, 8 Element Log Periodic beams that were left in Brazil

- Personally donated Qty 52, ACOM 1010 HF Linear Amplifiers that were left in Brazil

b) Libya, 5A7A, Nov. 2006 - Donated ACOM-1000 Linear Amp and IC-746 PRO to Assakr Club Libya Station

c) Dayton Hamvention, 2007 - Donated DVP's for Contesting

d) Bulgarian Club Station, 2008 - Donated complete station with Antennas, ACOM Amps and ICOM radions

e) Yankee Clipper Contest Club, 2006 - Donated ACOM-1000 HF Linear Amp


Rare DX-Peditions Supported

I have financially supported the following rare Amateur Radio DX-Peditions by loaning ACOM amplifiers, in some cases paying shipping expenses and paying equipment refurbishment costs:

  • T33C, Banaba Island, April 2004 - Qty 2 ACOM-1010's and Qty 5 ACOM-1000
  • K7C, Kure Island, Set./Oct. 2007
  • 5A7A, Libya - Nov. 2006 - Qty 2 ACOM-1010's and Qty 5 ACOM-1000  - 1st Place CQWW DX SSB, M/M
  • N3SK/KP5 and K3LP/KP5, Desecheo Island - Dec. 2005
  • VP6DX, Ducie Island, Feb. 2008 - Qty 7 ACOM-1010's and Qty 1 ACOM-1000 - New Record DX-Pedition
  • BS7H, Scarborough Reef, April 2007
  • 3Y0X, Peter I Island, 2005
  • CY9SS, Sable Island, 2005
  • 3D2CI, Conway Reef, 2001
  • China DX-Pedition
  • P40HQ, Aruba, 2005
  • 3V8BB, Tunisia, 2005
  • Tunisia (TS6A),
  • Antigua (V26B),
  • Swains Island (N8S), April 2007 - Qty 8 ACOM-1010's and Qty 2 ACOM-1000's
  • China DX-Pedition (BY????)
  • American Samoa (KH8/K1LZ),
  • Western Samoa (5W5LZ),
  • Barbados (8P9R), Oct. 2005 - Qty 6 ACOM-1010's and Qty 2 ACOM-1000's
  • Antigua (V26B),
  • Jamaica (6Y1V), Oct. 2005 thru present - Qty 2 ACOM-2000's
  • N. Cacaos (VP5B),
  • Aruba (P40HQ),
  • St. Martin (FS5KA), Feb. 2007 - Qty 2 ACOM-1000's
  • Fernando de Noronha Isl. (ZX0F CQWW SSB 1999)
  • and many more





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