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Krassimir D Petkov

Krassy  is born in 1956 and has been an Amateur Radio Operator for over 40 years (since 1969) and has been a major financial contributor (ACOM amplifier loans and paying for shipping expenses) to many DX-peditions in the last 10 years.

Krassy is the President of Milara, Inc. and ACOM North America. He is the cofounder of ACOM with LZ1JK.

His prior call signs were: LZ1KCZ, LZ1KDP, LZ1SA (1996), N1QQO (1991), AA1ND and then K1LZ (9/21/06).

He received his first license in 1969 while in 6th grade (12 years old) and operated from the Club Station – LZ1KCZ, City Students Radio Club - LZ1KDP, and received the call sign LZ1SA after passing Level C, B and A examinations in 1996.

George (LZ1GS) was Krassy’s mentor when he was in the 6th grade – 12 years old. George was very helpful and supported his efforts to become an Amateur Radio Operator.

Krassy built his first 25 Watt, AM/CW transmitter at13 years old.

He was a key player on the N8S Swains Island (April 2007), 5A7A Libya (November 2007), FS5KA St. Martin (Feb. 2007), and 8P9R (2005) Barbados multi-multi dx-pedition teams .In 1999 organize dx-pediting with   PY5EG - ZX0F.He was member of CY9SS .  TS6A Tunisia  .The last dx-pedition he was member  of the team  YI9PSE in Iraq

He has operated for the following DX locations:

Tunisia (TS6A), Antigua (V26B), Swains Island (N8S),  Mongolia (JT1LZ), Bulgaria (LZ1SA), Russia (UA9SA), Serbia (YU9ZL), Hawaii (KH6/K1LZ), American Samoa (KH8/K1LZ), Western Samoa (5W5LZ/5W3LP), Australia, Barbados (8P9R, 8P9LZ - 2005), Jamaica (6Y1LZ), N. Cacaos (VP5/K1LZ, VP5B), Aruba (P40HQ), St. Martin (FS/K1LZ, FS5KA), Saint Maarten (PJ7/K1LZ) Puerto Rico (KP4/K1LZ), Brazil

WRTC San Francisco K6R (WRTC 2006, PT5E), and Fernando de Noronha Isl. (ZX0F – CQWW SSB 1999)Libya 5A7A Iraq YI9PSE


Krassy is very activity in ARRL DX CW and SSB, and CQ World-Wide CW and SSB contests each year in the  old  days from LZ1KDP, KC1XX and  recently  from   his  location   in Jamaica  6Y1V or 6Y1LZ and   his  own  QTH  in USA  K1LZ

Krassy is a member of the Yankee Clipper Contest Club (YCCC), and LZ1KDP and LZ1KSP (LZ7J) ,Milara Contest Clubs LZ5R, Araucaria DX Group . In addition; he is a live member of the American Radio Relay League (ARRL).


Some of Krassy’s major awards are as follows:




WPX SSB      M/S     K1LZ              USA   
WPX CW       M/S     K1LZ              USA   
WPX CW       SO15   W1US             USA   
ARRL CW    M/2      6Y1LZ            WORLD       
CQWW 160 CW       M/S     K1LZ  USA    unofficial

YEAR            Contest                      CALL Category        Place  
2004    CQ WW CW             K1IR  M/S                 1 USA
2005    CQ WW SSB             K1LZ  M/S                 4 USA
2006    CQ WW SSB             6Y1V  M/S                 1 NA  
2006    CQ WW CW             5A7A  M/M                1 WORLD    
2007    CQ WW SSB             TS6A  M/M                1 WORLD    
2007    CQ WW CW             K1LZ  SOAB             3 USA
2008    CQ WW SSB             K1LZ  SOAB             4 USA
2008    CQ WW CW             K1LZ  SOAB             1 USA
2009    CQ WW SSB             K1LZ  SOAB             1 USA
2009    WPX CW                   K1LZ  M/S                 1 USA 4 WORLD
2009    WPX SSB                  K1LZ  M/S                 1 USA 6 WORLD
2008    WPX SSB                  K1LZ  SOAB             4 USA
2008    WPX CW                   K1LZ  SOAB             3 USA
2005    WPX CW                   K1LZ  SOAB/A         2 USA 9 WORLD
2010    ARRL SSB                K1LZ  M/S                 1 USA
2010    ARRL CW                6Y1LZ M/2                1 WORLD    
2009    ARRL SSB                K1LZ  M/S                 1 USA
2009    ARRL CW                K1LZ  M/S                 1 USA
2009    ARRL CW                6Y1LZ M/2                2 WORLD    
2006    WAEDC SSB            K1LZ  SOAB             4 WORLD    
2008    WAEDC SSB            K1LZ  SOAB             9 WORLD    
2009    WAEDC CW             K1LZ  SOAB             1 NA   9 WORLD
2009    WAE SSB                  K1LZ  SOAB             2 NA   5 WORLD
2008    IARU HF                   K1LZ  SOAB             1 USA
2008    CQWW160 CW        K1LZ  SO                   2 USA
2009    CQWW 160 SSB       K1LZ  MO                 5 WORLD     2 USA
2009    CQWW 160 CW       K1LZ  MO                 5 USA


K1LZ – Krassy Petkov; Hall of Fame – No. 06, Oct. 2004, Araucaria DX Group

WRTC Participant:

  • WRTC 1996; San Francisco, CA – K6R Team (Operators LZ1SA (K1LZ) & LZ2PO)– Placed 16 out of 50 teams
  • WRTC 2006; Brazil – PT5E Team (Operators K1LZ & LZ1HM)– Placed 21 out of 46 teams
  • WRTC Moscow   2010 R32Z (Operators K1ZM &K1LZ )

Major Contributions to WRTC:

  • WRTC 2006 Brazil Sponsors and member Fund Raising Committee   and contributing all the amplifiers and antennas for the invent
  • WRTC2010  Russia -Member fund-raising committee  - USA &Canada



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